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Welcome to Best Behaviour K9, Yorkshire's prestigious training provider for every dog and their human. We offer classes, individual consultations and personalised programmes designed to address all kinds of behaviour and training needs in Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster and throughout Yorkshire.

Bruce and Sam

Bruce and Sam

Canine Behavioural Experts

Our behaviour specialist and primary trainer, Neil Losada, is motivated by a true love of canines and it shows. His patience, kindness and sense of humour makes training fun and easy for both dogs and their owners.

Neil has been working and training dogs in a professional capacity for over 20 years. During that time he has trained Security Dog Teams, Service Dogs and their handlers, and thousands of pet dogs and their owners.

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Primary Trainer and Behaviourist, Neil Losada

"I just wanted to thank Neil, who came to our house in December. He helped us with Alfie the cavapoo that was barking at every dog/animal/cartoon character that came on the TV. Within the time he was at our house, he sorted Alfie's (our) problem. I thought it was far too good to be true. I was expecting as soon as he left the issue to return, or at least after a couple of weeks. We carried on following the very simple instructions he gave us, and Alfie only very occasionally barks at the TV, we just have to say one 'no' and he stops. It is truly incredible. Well worth the money. I couldn't recommend him highly enough. We have started using the same technique for when he sees a squirrel in the garden and it's working for that too. I learnt so much from his time with us. The weekend after Neil came we sat down to watch a marvel film, with lots of fantastic creatures and beasts... without a peep from Alfie. Amazing, it's totally changed our evenings. We were getting limited to the News and non-animal documentaries!! And thanks for the information he sent us as well, it's all fantastic. We could just do with some tips on getting to heal when on the lead and then he will literally be the most perfect dog. "

- Fiona

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2 May 2023

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7 April 2023
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