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Welcome to Best Behaviour K9, Yorkshire's prestigious training provider for every dog and their human. We offer classes, individual consultations and personalised programmes designed to address all kinds of behaviour and training needs in Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster and throughout Yorkshire.

Bruce and Sam

Bruce and Sam

Canine Behavioural Experts

Our behaviour specialist and primary trainer, Neil Losada, is motivated by a true love of canines and it shows. His patience, kindness and sense of humour makes training fun and easy for both dogs and their owners.

Neil has been working and training dogs in a professional capacity for over 20 years. During that time he has trained Security Dog Teams, Service Dogs and their handlers, and thousands of pet dogs and their owners.

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Primary Trainer and Behaviourist, Neil Losada

"Just finished my puppy course and from day one saw a great difference in my dog. Now at the end she is very well behaved and the training was really great. I can't wait to start the next course. A massive thanks to Neil, Sam and the rest of the team for great training and also the explanations behind doing training a certain way. It all makes sense and works like a charm. I would definitely recommend BBK9 to anyone and everyone"

- Bernie Westhof

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2 May 2023

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7 April 2023
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