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Welcome to Best Behaviour K9, Yorkshire's prestigious training provider for every dog and their human. We offer classes, individual consultations and personalised programmes designed to address all kinds of behaviour and training needs in Barnsley, Sheffield, Doncaster and throughout Yorkshire.

Bruce and Sam

Bruce and Sam

Canine Behavioural Experts

Our behaviour specialist and primary trainer, Neil Losada, is motivated by a true love of canines and it shows. His patience, kindness and sense of humour makes training fun and easy for both dogs and their owners.

Neil has been working and training dogs in a professional capacity for over 20 years. During that time he has trained Security Dog Teams, Service Dogs and their handlers, and thousands of pet dogs and their owners.

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Primary Trainer and Behaviourist, Neil Losada

"Sirius (3-year old GSD) and I (65-year old lady!) attended our 1-to-1 assessment and initial training session at Best Behaviour K9 in Sheffield yesterday. Having been told by our last trainer - an old school police dog handler/trainer that Sirius was 'just one of those dogs that would never be calm and he would make a good guard dog' we almost lost hope. I have had 6 GSDs over the last 42 years and felt I had lost it with Sirius. Neil did a thorough assessment of my dog and also taught me some of the science behind his method of training. At the end of the morning, I felt hopeful that my dog could become a super companion for me with the right approach to changing his behaviour. I visibly noticed a massive change in Sirius' attitude with firstly Neil then myself. My dog became more attentive (lots of work to be done!) and less anxious as Neil took him walking in the local park with me shamefully shuffling behind! It just shows you CAN teach an old dog (me!) new tricks and a young dog to become a confident adult. Thanks to Neil for his clear instructions and brilliant professional handling of my beautiful dog. We're booked onto the Rogue Dogs sessions in January 2021 when I hope Neil will see a massive improvement in both our behaviour!"

- Marion & Sirius Google

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