Agility Dog Classes

Our Dynamic Dog Classes are aimed at offering fun Agility Training for owners and their dogs.   This is NOT a sport agility or competition agility course.  The aim of these classes are for owners and their dogs to learn new training skills while having fun with their dogs.

We introduce you and your dog to two types of agility styles.  Sport style agility and service/working dog agility.  Both are very different and require different set of skills.  In sport agility you will learn how to link exercises together, how your body language can effect your dog’s performance as well as positioning and focus.  In Service/Working dog agility you will learn how to control your dog before and after an obstacle and integrate heelwork into your training.  Throughout the course we include games to ensure your training is fun and enjoyable for both of you.

Students wishing to join this course are required to have either successfully completed a basic obedience training course with ourselves OR maybe subject to an assessment prior to the commencement of their course.

The Beginner Dynamic Dogs Course is a six week programme and is open to:

  • Dogs of all breeds.
  • Dogs aged 12 months +.
  • Dogs that are fit and healthy.
  • Dogs that are NOT dog reactive.
  • Dogs that have a basic level of obedience training.



During the Beginner Dynamic Dog Course we will cover:

  • Introduction to the equipment.
  • Safe awareness and handling skills.
  • Training methodology.
  • How to link exercises.
  • Handler body language and cues.
  • Reward and reinforcement.
  • Introduction to controlled agility.


Once you have completed the beginners agility course you can join our follow on classes to continue with your agility training.

During these classes we:

  • Develop previous learned skills.
  • Introduce Service/Working Dog style agility.
  • Fun games and mini competitions.

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