Are you unsure about what type of training you may need for you and your dog?  Well, why not book an assessment with our behaviour and training specialist?

Owners regularly struggle to identify which course of action to take to help them on their training journey.  This is especially difficult when you are wanting help with your dog’s unwanted behaviours.  In these circumstances we find clients who book an assessment, receive the appropriate training suited to their needs without wasting time and money on ineffective, inefficient and possibly counter productive training.

During the assessment you will be given the opportunity to meet our behaviour and training specialist in person.  They will meet you and your dog at one of our training schools, where they will discuss your issues or training needs in depth.  When looking into behavioural issues such as reactivity or aggression, they will identify the motivation that drives the unwanted behaviour and advise as to what course of action you should to take to achieve your training goals.

At the end of the session, as well as receiving clear guidance on which course of action you should choose, you will also receive some training exercises to put into to place immediately to prepare you for your first session.  This not only enables us to provide you with the most effective service available to help you achieve your training goals, but it also ensures that you have some important foundations in place prior to your first session which will provide a useful place from which to start.

So if in doubt book an assessment to ensure your first step on your training journey is the right one.

Please note that some of our services may only be available following an initial assessment due to their specific content.


Your behaviourist will discuss your training plan moving forward, whether this be a behavioural rehabilitation visit at home, some one to one training, either at home or one of our training schools or even our classes. Then one of our admin team will be in touch to get you booked in.

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