Deputy Dog Classes (Follow on)

The Deputy Dog class is for dogs who have completed a previous Puppy Foundation Course or Rookie Course.

Our Deputy Dog Class is designed to help you train your dog using humane and balanced dog training methods that improve you and your dogs relationship.  We utilise a mixture of classical obedience exercises and a variety of games to make your training experience enjoyable.

At Best Behaviour K9, we aim to offer the very best service to our clients by accepting a maximum of 8 dogs in our Deputy Dog Classes.  This ensures that they have every opportunity to socialise with other dogs, whilst keeping the class small enough to allow owners to spend as much time as possible training their dogs without them having to sit and wait their turn.

The Deputy Dog Class is not a set course, you can continue coming to these classes as long as you like.  All we ask is that you sign up and pay for 6 classes in advance each time to secure your place

We always encourage our students to reach their goals.  To this end, we provide each student joining Deputy Dog Classes with a training booklet which clearly sets out the skills you and your dog should develop to enable you to progress to our Hot Dog class.

Exercises developed in this class include:

  • Sit, Down and Stand Positions Without Bribes/Lures
  • Sit, Down and Stand Positions Using Hand Signals Only
  • Adopt the Heel Position Without a Lure
  • Walking on a lead at Heel for More Than 10 PacesWithout a Lure
  • Introducing Stationary Positions During Heelwork
  • Controlled walk amongst people and dogs
  • Recall From a Sit Position to a Present Position Without Distractions
  • Sit/Down Stay For One Minute, Four Paces Away
  • Introduction To Distraction Games

This list of exercises are not exhaustive and should only be used as a guide. Our trainers include a variety of exercises and games that are appropriate for your dog.


Our Hot Dog Class is designed to help you and your dog build upon the skills learnt in the Deputy Dog Classes and to develop more advanced training skills.  The aim is to progress to our Top Dog Class.

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