Scentwork Pet Dog Scent Workshop

Best Behaviour K9 are excited to present our Pet Dog Scent Workshop.  We appreciate that your dogs love to smell their way through the day. This workshop will help you develop this natural skill and use it as a great way to help tire them out quickly.  We specialise in teaching pet dogs and their humans how to have fun with scent work.  Our trainer Neil has years of experience of working and training dogs in searching.

Neil has over 20 years experience training search dogs including over 17 years training Police search and tracking dogs. Neil is also a NASDU trainer for detection dogs, including drugs, cadaver, live person and pyrotechnics detection dogs.   He is also a Home Office accredited Police Dog Trainer for drugs, currency, firearms and ammunitions detection dogs.


The workshop is open to any breed of dog over 12 weeks of age, with no specific obedience training required (although a sit stay would be beneficial).




Our Scent Work is an exciting 3 hour workshop at our Wombwell training school.

Following the beginners session, we have intermediate and advanced workshops too. (All payments for classes are non refundable or transferable)

We do also offer one to one training sessions for Nosework if you’d prefer. 

The workshop includes:

  • Your dog’s ability to detect odours.
  • How they see the world through their nose.
  • How they use their noses and brains.
  • What scent is and what it does.
  • What equipment you will need.
  • How to read your dog’s behaviour.



We offer three progressive workshops for scent work:

Rookie Scent Work – Introduction to searching.

Intermediate Scent Work – Lead/Line Handling skills, introduction of specific scents and training passive indication.

Advanced Scent Work – Searching in different locations, rooms, vehicles, luggage etc



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