Reactive Dog Course (Rogue)

Best Behaviour K9 appreciate the difficulties owning a dog with reactivity and aggression issues can bring.  The anxiety and stress you feel when your dog(s) offer unwanted behaviours in public can be overwhelming.  However, sometimes we need to take a moment to consider how your dog(s) feel at this time.  These outbursts of barking, lunging or aggression originate from somewhere and don’t just happen for no reason.

Whether the behaviour originates from fear, excitement or it has inadvertently been trained by you, we can help.  During our Rogue Dog Course our trainers will explain why your dog may be displaying such inappropriate behaviour.

Using scientifically proven training methods we will help you and your dog to cope with the stresses and frustrations it experiences when around other dogs.



Our Rogue Dog Course is a 7 week programme specially designed for dogs that suffer with fear, anxiety, frustration or aggression with other dogs or are simply uncontrollably excited in the presence of other dogs.

The first week is WITHOUT your dog and is classroom based.  This enables us to explain the training methodology we will use with you and your dog throughout the course.

We hold the course at our Training School in Wombwell Barnsley and is run by one of our behaviour specialists and at least one other trainer.


A look at what can be achieved from Rogue dog to Good dog!

Do you struggle to walk your dog when other dog are about? Does your #dog suffer with aggression, anxiety or fear? Here is a quick look at what you can achieve on our Rogue course!

Posted by Best Behaviour K9 on Sunday, 3 June 2018

During the course:

  • You will learn about the lawful responsibilities of dog ownership.
  • We will give you a better understanding of the training methodology we use.
  • You will learn safe and effective handling techniques for reactive dogs
  • You will be able to understand your dog and the calming signals they are showing you.
  • You will learn to read your dog’s body language and the best way to respond to it.
  • You will learn how to keep your dog calm around other dogs.


Why not try one of our general obedience classes to compliment what you have learned in your Rogue Course.

Alternatively, speak to your trainer about further training tailored specifically to you and your dog.

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