Reactive Dog Course (Rogue)

Best Behaviour K9 appreciate the difficulties owning a dog with reactivity and aggression issues can bring.  The anxiety and stress you feel when your dog(s) offer unwanted behaviours in public can be overwhelming.  However, sometimes we need to take a moment to consider how your dog(s) feel at this time.  These outbursts of barking, lunging or aggression originate from somewhere and don’t just happen for no reason.

Whether the behaviour originates from fear, excitement or it has inadvertently been trained by you, we can help.  During our Rogue Dog Course our trainer will explain why your dog may be displaying such inappropriate behaviour.

Using scientifically proven training methods we will help you and your dog to cope with the stresses and frustrations it experiences when around other dogs.



Our Rogue Dog Course is run over two days comprising of two 4-hour sessions.  It is specifically designed to help dogs who display behaviours such as aggression, reactivity, barking, lunging towards other dogs or humans due to fear, anxiety, excitement or frustration (this list is not exhaustive).  There will be a maximum of 4 dogs on the course.

The initial session will include classroom input, an assessment of each dog in the group to identify the areas of stimulus for the behaviours and formulating a plan and begin implementing the training methods to start their rehabilitation.

The second session will include discussing and refreshing the work done by the owners in their own time and developing further training methods to progress the education.  There will be sufficient rest periods provided for the dogs during the sessions.

Our Rogue course is run by our Behaviour Specialist Neil Losada and is held at our Dog Training and Behavioural Advice Centre, 74 Catley Road, Sheffield, S9 5JF.

Aims of the course:

  • Awareness of the responsibilities of dog ownership both ethical and lawful.
  • Improving your understanding of your dog’s natural communication.
  • Identifying and learning to read your dog’s calming signals and stress indicators.
  • Identify the causation factors to the problem behaviours.
  • Identify the limitations of both you and your dog.
  • Understanding the meaning and uses of Conditioning, Counter-Conditioning, Exposure, Over-Exposure, Desensitisation and Habituation.
  • Understanding what engagement is and it’s role in your dog’s rehabilitation.
  • Developing your ability to use a variety of training methods to help your particular dog.
  • Provide support as a group.
  • Provide you with the confidence to continue the training on your own.



Why not try one of our general obedience classes to compliment what you have learned in your Rogue Course.

Alternatively, speak to your trainer about further training tailored specifically to you and your dog.

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