Our Hot Dog Class is designed to help you and your dog build upon the skills learned in the Deputy Dog Class, whilst increasing the level of difficulty.  This is a natural progression of your practical dog training skills and introduces new exercises and increased knowledge of understanding and training your canine companion.

This is not a set course you can continue coming to these classes as long as you like.  Once we feel you have advanced through Hot Dog we would recommend that you move up to our next Top Dog class.  All we ask is that you sign up and pay for 6 classes in advance each time to secure your place.

Exercises covered during the lessons include:

  • Playing with your dog
  • Road walking
  • Introduction to off lead heal work
  • Rejoining you when called
  • Classic obedience style recall
  • Stay in one place for two minutes fonte dell’articolo
  • Come away from distractions
  • Controlled greetings
  • Food manners
  • Responsibility and care

This list of exercises is not exhaustive and a variety of additional exercises may be included in the session at the trainer’s discretion. During these classes, emphasis is placed on working around distractions. Introduction of group or individual games or activities during these sessions help make the training fun and interesting.