Our Puppy Foundation Course is an six week programme and is designed to provide you with the means of socialising your puppies and to lay down a foundation for education and training. On successful completion of the course your puppies will respond to you and you will have an awareness of the responsibilities of dog ownership. During the sessions, play exercises will be included to add an extra dimension to your dog’s life and in turn making training fun for both of you. Structured play and positive reinforcement are encouraged within the puppy training programme.

Some of our Puppy Foundation Course Graduates

The Course is open to puppies from the age of 12 weeks to 6 months, providing they have completed their inoculations. If your puppy is older than 6 months, they may still be eligible to join the Puppy Foundation Course.  However, The Rookie Course  or Deputy Dog class (for young dogs and beginners) may be more beneficial.

Exercises covered in the course include:

  • Responsibility and Care
  • Cleanliness and Identification
  • Attentive Response to Their Name
  • Playing With Your Puppy
  • Socialisation With Other Dogs
  • Socialisation With Other People
  • Socialisation With Noise Distractions
  • Handling and Inspecting Your Puppy to Maintain Health
  • Puppy Recall
  • Basic Puppy Positions (Sit, Down and Stand)
  • Walking in a Controlled Manner
  • Stay for Approximately 10 to 30 Seconds
  • Taking Something From Your Puppy
  • Manners Around Food

This list of exercises is not exhaustive and should only be used as a guide.  Our trainers include a variety of exercises that are appropriate to the group.  Upon completion of the Puppy Foundation Course ask your trainer about our Deputy Dog Classes.