Alice Watts BSc

General Obedience Trainer

Hi, I’m Alice and I am one of the general obedience trainers at Best Behaviour K9.

I first became interested in dog training and behaviour when we acquired our dog reactive puppy Gus and all the difficulties his behaviour came with.

This led me to completing my undergraduate degree in Animal Behaviour & Welfare from the University of Lincoln and I then moved on to complete my MSc in Clinical Animal Behaviour.  On completion of my studies I will be working towards becoming a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviourist with the Association for the Study of Animal Behaviour.

I have a keen interest in how nutrition effects behaviour which has led me to begin studying for a Diploma in Canine Health and Nutrition.

I have over 6 years experience training agility dogs for competition and have worked with a huge variety of different breeds. I also have a royal python called Socks who I also train to build her confidence around being handled, surprisingly this is done in much the same way as you would a dog!

Before joining BBK9 I ran my own pet sitting and dog walking business specialising in caring for behaviourally and medically challenged dogs.

This gave me a huge amount of experience in how to manage problem behaviours but more importantly helped me realise how difficult it is to live with a troubled dog. I now have a better understanding and empathy for owners who struggle with all behaviours from puppy biting to dog and people reactivity and it’s my job to help them better understand their dog’s behaviour so we can work towards resolving it.

To add to my experience I have rescued an English Bulldog called Apollo who has his own set of unique behavioural issues!

I am excited to share my passion and knowledge of dog behaviour and problem solving with owners and their dogs to find a solution to their challenges.

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