Ian Deaville

Trainer & Assistant Behaviour Specialist

I’m Ian, lover of all things dog related, especially Border Collies!

It all began with a skinny rescue a fair few years ago called Sasha. Perfect beginner dog, she saw two kids born and raised, ate everything they dropped, and made me want to learn more about dogs and their behaviour. In all honesty, she coped well with my vague attempts at dog training back in the day!

Time marches on, so in 2010 I embarked (at 40 yrs old) on a part time Canine Behaviour BSc Degree. Five long years later and lots of help from family and friends, and a couple of new dogs…..I passed, and have been involved with dogs ever since.

Search and detection dogs are my passion and earlier in 2017 we qualified my Collie/Kelpie Ted as a NASDU Victim Recovery dog team!

I volunteer with a Search and Rescue team, so Ted fits in well with that role and I have been deeply involved in search training for the last few years.

The current fleet is:

A Saluki, who knew hounds could sleep so many hours in a day?

A Border Collie, Meg, who had many reactivity issues when she was adopted, still has some, but has become a cuddly family member who after lots of work, has taught me lots about owning, living with, and training a dog with bad behavioural issues. I can empathise with owners of similar dogs. Its tough.

There’s Ted, Search dog, my goofball mate, and willing partner whatever the weather, and latest recruit Roo, Cocker mix in training for specialist search work…

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