Laura Greenhalgh

General Obedience Trainer

Hi, I’m Laura and I am one of the trainers with BBK9.  I currently teach Puppy, Rookie, Deputy Dog, Hot Dog and Fun Agility classes both in Barnsley and Sheffield.

I have a Level 3 extended Diploma in Animal Management.  During the course I had the opportunity to experience working with various species of animals, learning how to care for them, train them and their social interactions.  Following the course I volunteered at the Chesterfield & Sheffield branches of the RSPCA, a hydrotherapy centre in Chesterfield and then had the opportunity of a work experience position at a veterinary practice.  All these opportunities ignited a spark within me to work with dogs and learn more about their behaviour.

This led me to my next role with a doggy day care centre in Sheffield where I supervised play time and daily care of the dogs in the centre.  While there I witnessed behaviours between the dogs and noticed subtle changes in body language, but I still didn’t really understand the complexities of it.

It was around this time that I rescued two Dog De Bordeaux’s, a female called Pepper and her son, Henry.  Due to their previous experiences, I was faced with a few behavioural issues including Henry’s reactivity towards men.  At the time I didn’t really understand why he behaved this way, and I didn’t know how to deal with it.  Just like many of our students that experience similar issues, this frustrated me, and I felt helpless.

My time at the doggy day care centre and my experiences with Pepper and Henry gave me the motivation and enthusiasm to learn more about the training of dogs and how to properly communicate with them.

That is when I started volunteering with BBK9.  Since joining the team back in early 2019, I have watched and worked closely with all the trainers.   I initially started by assisted in the Puppy, Rookie, Deputy Dog and Fun Agility classes and progressed to providing support to students during class and gained a load of knowledge and experience along the way.  Alongside this practical experience, I also researched canine learning theory and attended many webinars, read books, watched countless training videos, and completed online training courses to further my education.

I welcomed a Doberman cross called Ragnor into my life.  I thoroughly enjoy training with him and watching him grow and develop, using the skills I have learned to ensure he has the best start in life.  I even use him occasionally as a demo dog in my classes.  My passion for learning about dog behaviour & training continues to grow every day and I am excited to meet you and your dogs in class to help you learn the skills you will need to train your own dogs.

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