Sonia Stanley

Volunteer Assistant Dog Trainer

I’m Sonia, I have been volunteering at BBK9 in Sheffield since November 2019.

I currently own Leo a Standard Poodle. Leo is a fun characterful dog that loves to play. Together we enjoy scentwork and trick training.

My passion and journey to becoming a dog trainer began with my previous Std Poodle Ben. Ben loved to learn new things and especially enjoyed clicker training.

Ben struggled with people and other dogs approaching or getting too close and invading his personal space.

I began attending seminars and workshops and quickly learnt his reactivity stemmed from fear. By understanding what caused his reactivity, I was able to manage the distance in which to make him feel safe which removed his need to react.

This led me into wanting to learn more about how the mind of a dog worked.

Since then I have attended and successfully completed many courses, workshops and seminars. I am currently studying at IABTC to further my knowledge and working towards becoming a KCAI instructor. I am passionate about scent work and aim to become a Scentwork UK instructor.

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