Pandemic Puppies

Posted on 06/05/21

Did you get a new puppy during one of the lockdowns and are really struggling and need help?

We offer several training options to start you and your puppy on your journey.  These options are available for puppies once they have  completed their vaccinations up to 6 months old.  

1. Puppy visits are held at your home and can cover problems such as nipping, crate training, attention seeking, greeting visitors, toilet training and general rules and boundaries etc. Please let us know your postcode for a price.

2. Group puppy classes are a 7 week programme which includes how to communicate correctly with your dog in order to get your dog’s attention around distractions.  Impulse control, recall, loose lead walking, heelwork, general positions and how to settle your dog  are included and we show you to develop these away from the class environment. (This doesn’t cover home issues – see puppy visit)

3. One to one puppy sessions, this is the same programme as the group classes but you have the trainer to yourself and this can be done where you live.  (these sessions don’t cover home issues, see puppy visit above if you require help in the house).   This is a great option for people who can’t make a full group course, work shifts, want different times and days or prefer the one to one training experience.  (These sessions also include environmental socialisation.)  Please confirm your postcode for a price.

Contact us today via email on or call 07946546401 for prices and further details.